Overarching objective:

MEF4CAP will deliver an innovation agenda and roadmap for future monitoring, where:

  1. the needs of different stakeholders are identified and delivered,
  2. the potential of different approaches is fully exploited,
  3. the associated cost and administrative burden are minimized and
  4. the value of the collected data is optimized.

Specific objectives:

  1. Establish an inventory of data needs to achieve a better targeting of policy measures,
  2. Make an inventory of information and communications technology (ICT) developments and an assessment of the technological readiness of these solutions to identify the most promising data and technologies,
  3. Make an initial assessment of the potential of ICT developments to provide data for relevant policy needs and define potential pathways,
  4. Extend the feasibility of potential pathways in close cooperation with stakeholders in several demonstration cases,
  5. Further harmonise Member States monitoring and evaluation frameworks, including indicators, the underpinning data flows and measuring methods and
  6. Develop a roadmap and explore a potential initiative with Member States on research and innovation in the domain.