MEF4CAP Innovation Agenda Workshop – 6 September 2023


We are pleased to invite you to our EU-level stakeholder workshop "An Innovation Agenda for the Future Monitoring of the CAP”, which will take place on 6 September from 9:30 - 12:30 CET in-person, at Rue de Spa 30, 1000 Brussels, and online.

The workshop is organised in the framework of the MEF4CAP project, looking to harness the benefits of digital technologies in connection to the new sustainability data needs which are prompted by the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, Green Deal, Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategy. One important aspect of the work is to ensure that the data collected benefit the stakeholders involved in the monitoring and evaluation of the future CAP cycles, while also easing the administrative burden on farmers and public administrations.  

What options will we have in the near future, given the innovations that are happening at great speed in the field of digital agriculture? What are the main motivations, but also the main obstacles that farmers and the entire agricultural “digital ecosystem” will encounter to feed this M&E system? How can we optimise the data collection process for policy evaluation and also reduce the amount of time farmers need to spend on providing such data?  What are the main implications related to data protection and reciprocity? Will there be a risk of creating a digital divide between different types of farmers, or between Member States? MEF4CAP has developed a roadmap that aims to answer these questions, comparing and as much as possible combining promising digital technologies into data gathering and processing for the future CAP M&E. Following that roadmap, the MEF4CAP Innovation Agenda aims to describe which innovation actions are needed to realize the roadmap while ensuring that the proposed transformations take into account the needs of the different players. 

During the event, invited external panellists, participants and MEF4CAP partners, will discuss and solidify the elements of the roadmap and develop the future innovation agenda through an interactive discussion session. 


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